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Top 10 or frequently asked questions:

      1)  How much does it cost?

            Only $25.00 per adult and $15.00 per child 3 years to 12 years old.

            Infants ride for free!

      2)  How long is the ride?

            The tour is 90 minutes.  Private tours are available and can be longer or shorter.

      3)  How many people can go on a tour?

            Six at a time.  Or up to 12 with up to 6 on the boat and the other 6 eating at the

            restaurant.  And when the first tour group is done they can eat while those who have

            eaten can take their tour.

      4)  Will we see alligators?

             Most likely.  This is not a zoo, we will be going out into the wilderness.  But alligators

             are creatures of habit and will follow their daily patterns.  The best times to see them is

             in the winter and spring.  The hardest time to find them is in the summer.  Your

            captain will do his best to find them!

       5)  What else will we see?

              Miles of water, thousands of acres of everglades, hundreds of birds, animals, plants,

              flowers and trees.

       6)  Can we eat or drink on the boat?

             Yes.  We also have a restaurant located with us that serves Alligator bites and Frog

             legs!  It also has steak and seafood, salads, burgers, wings and more.  We also sell

             drinks on the boat.

        7)  Where are you located?

              We are 30 minutes south of Disney and north of Legoland and Bok Tower.  A map is

              on our "Contact" page.

        8)  Do we have to make a reservation?

              Yes.  It is best.  But if you show up, we will still try to take you on a tour.  You can still

              come out and eat at The Port Steak & Seafood Restaurant while you wait.

         9)  What kind of boat do you have?

                It is a 27' pontoon boat that can go 22 mph.  It has an open and covered deck that

                allows you to stand and move about.  Most of the time we travel about 3 to 5 mph

                looking at and for gators and other animals and scenery.

        10)  How do we get in touch with you?

                Call us by phone at 407-892-2222.  It is the easiest to remember: 40-789-22222  !!!

                 Or text us at 407-421-4999